European Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control
Who is a FIAO


Who is a FIAO?

EurOK is the leading Academy of Orthokeratologists in Europe, formed to support, promote and advance Orthokeratology by providing quality education and scientific information on the subject of Orthokeratology and Myopia Copntrol to all its members.  Fellowship status in EurOK is determined by doctor experience and expertise and follows a rigorous case evaluation and testing procedure.  Those Orthokeratologists who achieve Fellowship status are committed to adhering to the highest standards of care in this specialty.


  • The FIAO (Fellow of the International Orthokeratology Academy) is the Gold standard for practitioners of Orthokeratology. 
  • A Fellow of the Academy (FIAO) possess and demonstrate the highest level of knowledge, ethics and patient care with respect to the practice of Orthokeratology. 
  • Fellows serve as mentors and role models for new Ortho-K doctors. 
Reasons to become a Fellow


Reasons to become a Fellow
  • You are viewed as an Ortho-K authority/expert by patients researching Ortho-K on the internet.
  • You have a distinctive listing on the AAOMC, IAO and OrthoKDoctors.com websites.
  • The study/preparation process hones your Ortho-K skills and broadens your knowledge.
  • Your patients will see the FIAO after your name and inquire, giving you and your staff the opportunity to promote Ortho-K to them and their friends. 
  • When your IAO colleagues (nationally and Internationally) need to refer a relocating patient, they will chose you as you are viewed as an expert. 



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